The Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), have a housing program known as Section 8, for which all of our properties qualify. Section 8 is a voucher programme aimed at families or individuals who are currently in unsuitable, emergency or temporary accommodation; some simply cannot find a suitable home. Section 8 candidates are low income families, key workers and they go through very stringent checks on them before being given their housing voucher for subsidised rents. They check references for work, personal refs, bank accounts, credit checks meaning that investors can feel secure with their tenant.

As well as this, before a property becomes eligible for the Section 8 programme, it goes through a number of rigorous inspections and is kept well maintained throughout the course of the rental, giving investors peace of mind.

Detroit Invest Fully refurbish and fully tenant each property with a Section 8 government tenant before we offer the property to investors to purchase. This means the investor will receive his first rental income the same month he completes on the property.